You’ve heard the word on every toothpaste and mouth wash commercial, but if you’re like many dental patients, you may still be wondering “what is gingivitis” anyhow? Gingivitis, commonly referred to as early stage gum disease, is inflammation of the gum tissue without the loss of supporting bone structure. As a general rule, gum disease develops slowly over time as plaque and bacteria build up on the surface of your teeth and begin to impact the gum line due to poor at-home care, lack of professional teeth cleaning and/or food impaction.

Signs of gingivitis include the presence of red, swollen and bleeding gum tissue which may or may not be accompanied by pain and intraoral irritation. More severe cases of gingivitis frequently also exhibit an increase in gingival pocket depths which can lead to receding gums, bad breath, tooth sensitivity and more advanced complications due to periodontal disease.

The good news is, gingivitis is a reversible condition that can be effectively treated with a combination of good oral home care, including a regimen of daily flossing and twice daily brushing, as well as regular dental checkups and cleanings. Like with most dental conditions, the sooner your gingivitis is diagnosed and treated, the better the long term projected outcome. For patients with more advanced gingivitis or periodontitis the team at Kennerly Dental Group may recommend more aggressive treatments such as soft tissue laser treatment and sometimes even surgery.

At Kennerly Dental Group we don’t leave gingivitis treatments to chance – we use the most advanced gum care treatments, medications and technology available on the market. From the Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler which gently, yet thoroughly, removes dental plaque and calculus buildup as part of regular in-office cleanings to laser gum therapy, we are proud to offer our patients industry-leading treatments for ailments such as gum disease and gingivitis.

Maintaining healthy gums is important not only for your dental health but also for overall quality of life. Don’t let gum disease hold you back – contact us today to learn more about the gingivitis treatment options available to you, (314) 842-5177.