Dental Bridges

Do you have one or more missing teeth that are preventing you from having your best smile? If so, now’s the time to consider a dental bridge. By using the healthy teeth adjacent to your missing teeth as anchors, a dental bridge fills in the gap with replacement teeth that not only help you look great, but also help ensure you’re able to chew and speak naturally.

Unlike dentures or partial dentures, bridges are permanently affixed much like dental crowns, and provide patients with a more natural look and feel. If you are seeking superior aesthetics or are someone who is known to grind their teeth, we recommend BruxZir bridges. These custom fabricated dental bridges are all made from zirconia which makes them stronger and more resilient than any other dental bridge on the market. Patients who opt for our premium metal-free, all porcelain dental bridges are always amazed by how great they look and feel and are amazed by the relatively easy maintenance associated with their replacement teeth. Simply brush and floss regularly and your custom dental bridges should provide you with that beautiful smile for years to come.

Restore severely damaged or missing teeth with the team of experienced dental experts at Kennerly Dental group. Schedule a consultation to learn more about our wide range of general, restorative and cosmetic dental procedures. Following your appointment, our dentist will give you an honest assessment of the options available to you and can provide you with a cost estimate for your new dental bridge and any other recommended procedures on the spot.

Believe it or not, a dental bridge is probably more affordable than you think and with a variety of payment plan options available, there really is no reason to keeping suffering from missing or otherwise failing teeth. What are you waiting for? Let us guide you through the process and help restore your smile and confidence today, (314) 842-5177.