Cosmetic Dentistry

Healthy teeth and great looking teeth don’t need to be mutually exclusive. That’s why our dental experts specialize in general dentistry, restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. At Kennerly Dental Group, our goal is to provide high quality dental care that never sacrifices aesthetics. We want each and every one of our patients to have their best and most confident smile, regardless of past dental circumstances.

So whether you’re looking for teeth whitening to brighten your already beautiful smile or you suffer from missing teeth, or teeth that are chipped, broken or otherwise in need of some cosmetic dental care, we can help! Our team of highly skilled dental professionals uses the latest technologies and state of the art equipment to help our patients achieve the attractive smile they’ve always wanted.

Our cosmetic dentistry procedures include:
  • Great looking custom porcelain or ceramic crowns and bridges.
  • BruxZir crowns and bridges. These are ideal for our patients who are looking for the perfect combination of improved aesthetics and enhanced durability. If you’re a teeth grinder, these crowns and bridges are designed with you in mind.
  • Dental bonding to repair chipped or worn teeth and restore your beautiful smile.
  • Whitening trays that will help brighten your teeth without breaking the bank.
  • Power teeth whitening that allows patients to minimize the amount of time needed to go from discolored teeth to a pearly white smile.
  • Dental implants to replace missing or failing teeth in a way that achieves a natural look and feel.
  • Custom tooth colored fillings crafted from composite resins which seamlessly blend in with your existing teeth and also help minimize issues associated with temperature sensitivities.
  • Early cavity detection using digital x-rays and laser dentistry.
  • Soft tissue laser treatments for increased patient comfort, faster healing, less bleeding and improved gum tissue care.

For outstanding cosmetic dentistry in the St. Louis area, look no further than Kennerly Dental Group. Our practice provides patients with superior cosmetic dental care delivered in our convenient South County offices. Contact us today, (314) 842-5177, we look forward to helping you achieve an attractive, confident and healthy smile.