If you’re like many patients who are coming to Kennerly Dental Group for the first time, when you hear the words “tooth filling” you immediately think of ugly, old fashioned metal fillings. Today’s fillings are much more advanced and are made from composite resin which is chemically bonded to the tooth and is custom colored to closely match the surrounding teeth and the tooth structure being repaired. Many skeptical Kennerly Dental Group patients even report back that they are unable to see their new fillings when looking in the mirror – that’s how realistic they can and should look once the filling process is complete.

Dental fillings are necessary to replace missing tooth structure due to cavities or decay, fractures or cracks or even sometimes for cases of excessive wear and aggressive tooth grinding. For patients dealing with a new cavity (or a replacement filling for a previously existing cavity) our tooth colored resin cavity fillings not only look great, but they can also help minimize temperature sensitivity. If you’re suffering from a fracture, cracked teeth or extreme wear and tear, our dentists may be able to use this composite resin to restore your missing tooth structure using a technique known as dental bonding.

Like with most restorative dental procedures, problems related to cavities and decay as well as chipped and cracked teeth can get more complex (and more costly) the longer you put them off. Tooth filling costs range in price depending on a variety of factors, including the number of tooth surfaces being restored and your specific dental insurance benefits. But don’t let your budget prevent you from giving us a call, (314) 842-5177. At Kennerly Dental Group we always have your best oral heath in mind and offer our patients industry leading payment plan and financing options through our trusted partners at CareCredit. A cavity filling procedure and/or dental bonding is probably more affordable than you think!