Although we always try to help our patients retain their original teeth when possible, there are a variety of circumstances in which an adult may be missing teeth. At Kennerly Dental Group we offer denture treatment options that can replace a single missing tooth or a full dental arch and our team of experts will help you navigate through the choices to determine which type of denture may be right for you.

For those looking to replace all the teeth in an arch, traditional complete dentures offer a tried and true solution that can help you regain your ability to talk and chew. Complete removable dentures can be made using acrylic or porcelain teeth alongside an acrylic base to give you a realistic smile. Conventional dentures are manufactured after the teeth have been removed and they offer St. Louis area patients with a more affordable option to replace missing or failing teeth.

For patients who are planning to have teeth extracted and know they will require dentures, our denture and dental services team recommends custom immediate dentures. These dentures ensure you have a new set of teeth just as soon as your failing natural teeth are removed. Although this does add an incremental cost to the denture process, many of our patients swear by immediate dentures as a way to maintain their self-confidence throughout the process.

In addition to complete dentures, Kennerly Dental Group also offers implant retained dentures as well as removable partial dentures and flexible partial dentures. Implant retained dentures are a relatively cost effective way to replace many missing teeth – including, but not limited to a full dental arch. With these, dentures are held in place with implants, meaning many of the frustrations traditionally associated with complete dentures are eliminated.

If you are only missing a few teeth, removable or flexible partial dentures. Both of these denture products utilize the remaining healthy teeth to hold the partial denture in place. The more basic removable partial dentures utilize a metal cast framework and are manufactured from acrylic. Flexible Partial dentures, on the other hand, are formed from a unique thermoplastic resin that can flex and hold around existing teeth. This device is metal free and boasts superior aesthetics and increased comfort.

The team at Kennerly Dental Group is here to help you identify the perfect dentures for your circumstances and your budget. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you go from missing teeth to a brilliant and perfect smile, (314) 842-5177.