Emergency Services

When you’re looking for your primary care dentist, the last thing on your mind is probably what happens when I have a dental emergency. That all quickly changes when you have problematic symptoms that arise and require urgent dental care. If you’ve ever had oral trauma, swelling of the jaw or gums, a severe tooth infection or are experiencing serious tooth pain, then you know that things can happen quickly and your condition can rapidly deteriorate if left untreated.

At Kennerly Dental Group, we’re not only a family-friendly general dental practice where patients come for regular cleanings and checkups, we also pride ourselves on offering emergency services. Our team of emergency dentists know that severe pain can be truly debilitating, and we make every effort to see patients the same day to identify the root cause of their discomfort and to create a custom treatment plan. Even if we’re unable to fully fix your situation that day, we usually can provide temporary solutions that will help alleviate pain and allow you to return to many of your normal activities.

After business hours, if there is a true dental emergency that cannot wait until the next business day, our patients have the ability to contact an on-call dentist to discuss their symptoms and determine next steps. With that said, if you are experiencing a life threatening medical emergency related to a dental issue, such as:

  • Swelling under the jaw and/or floor of the mouth
  • Swelling under the eye
  • Extreme facial or neck swelling
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty swallowing

If this describes your current dental concerns, we always recommend calling 911 or heading to your nearest emergency room for immediate medical attention.

Kennerly Dental Group is known for their team of emergency dentists in St. Louis. When you have us on your side, you can rest assured you’ll always have the best dental care. Give us a call today to learn more about becoming a regular patient, (314) 842-5177.