Dental Technology

Like most industries, dentistry increasingly relies on new dental technology to provide patients with the most accurate information and oral health diagnoses. Beyond just state of the art technologies, at Kennerly Dental Group, we pride ourselves on our team’s ongoing education and knowledge of new dental techniques. Together, this allows us to provide our patients with a superior dental exam experience.






When you schedule an appointment with our team, you may experience the benefits of one or more of the following dental technologies:
  • Digital X-Rays provide a clear and immediate image while also greatly reducing radiation exposure.
  • Computers in each treatment room allow for easy review of x-ray results, treatment plans and other educational materials with patients.
  • Laser assisted cavity detection, also known as DIAGNOdent, helps dentists find the presence of early cavities that may not otherwise be visible. Addressing decay while it is limited to a small area makes treatment significantly less invasive and increasingly more affordable.
  • Soft tissue lasers are a great asset in the treatment of gum issues and management of gum disease which provides a more rapid healing time and less discomfort when compared to more invasive operative procedures.
  • Ultrasonic Piezo Scalers make the dental cleaning process as comfortable as possible for our patients.
  • Microdentistry procedures allow our team of dental professionals to treat and detect decay as early as possible and helps facilitate restorative treatments that remove as little natural tooth structure as possible while still providing aesthetically pleasing and long lasting results.

Kennerly Dental Group’s team of highly-experienced St. Louis area dentists provides a comprehensive range of quality, high tech, affordable dental services to their patients of all ages. Whether you’re looking for general family dentistry services, cosmetic dental treatments, or restorative procedures, our practice has everything you need to ensure you have the best possible dental experience. Call us at (314) 842-5177 to schedule an appointment at our St. Louis, MO office today.