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Is it time for your semi-annual teeth cleaning and dental exam? Do you have older metal fillings that you’d like to swap out for less noticeable, more natural looking composite resin fillings? Have you ever wondered if your teeth could be whiter than they are? If you answered yes to any one of these questions or you have other areas of dental concern, the team at Kennerly Dental Group encourages you to reach out and make an appointment with some of the best dentists in St. Louis.

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We pride ourselves on providing our patients with superior dental care. That means our dentists make a point of spending the necessary time with you to answer any questions you may have about our standard procedures or recommended treatments. Above all, our number one goal is for each and every patient to leave smiling and healthy.

If you’re someone who has avoided going to the dentist due to a previous bad experience or because the mere thought of visiting a dental office make you nervous, you can rest assured we aren’t here to judge you. Instead, we are here to help you see a visit to the dentist’s office in a whole new light. Our dentists and dental staff are highly skilled at using some of the latest dental technologies and are trained to make your first dental visit in years as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Our St. Louis area offices are conveniently located in South County, near the intersection of I-270 and Tesson Ferry Road and we offer extended office hours – including regular evening and weekend appointments. So what are you waiting for? Let us make your oral health our number one priority. Complete the above request form to schedule a dentist appointment online when it’s most convenient for you. Or contact us by phone if you have questions about what to expect on your first visit to Kennerly Dental Group, (314) 842-5177.