Toothaches are a painful condition that can be caused by a variety of different factors such as tooth decay, infection or trauma. Although there are various tooth pain remedies available to our patients, depending on their specific diagnosis, one thing toothaches have in common is that they should not be ignored.

The most common cause of a toothache is when cavities or dental decay approaches or makes contact with the nerve of the tooth which can cause nerve inflammation, infection or necrosis. Teeth with infected and/or necrotic (dead) nerves require either a root canal or extraction. Most cavities, on the other hand, can be effectively addressed with fillings.

Trauma, such as falling, a car accident or a sports-related injury, can cause considerable damage to a tooth, including:

  • cracking or chipping
  • damage to the nerve causing an abscess or infection
  • looseness or mobility of one or more teeth

Beyond just tooth-related injuries, oral trauma can also result in bone or jaw fracture, which need to be addressed by a medical professional immediately.
Bone and gum tissue infections can also make a tooth and the surrounding area extremely painful, cause swollen gums or even cause teeth to become loose. Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, can definitely cause tooth pain, but fortunately, this is a condition which can generally be avoided by undertaking an at home oral health routine that involves daily brushing and flossing along with regular dental exams and cleanings.

Believe it or not, toothaches can be caused by conditions unrelated to your teeth. Sinus infections as well as severe seasonal allergies may also cause patients to have pain along the jaw that feels very similar to a toothache. If you have a sudden onset of tooth pain coupled with congestion and/or tenderness around the eyes, it’s possible you have a sinus infection that we can help you resolve.

If you have an ongoing or severe toothache, don’t risk your long term oral health and be sure to seek dental treatment. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all tooth pain remedies, but when you schedule an appointment with a dentist at Kennerly Dental Group, we will create a treatment plan specific to your symptoms and condition and get you on the road to relief as quickly as possible. Call us today, (314) 842-5177 to begin treatment of your toothache.